As Precious as a Gem: Understanding the Fashion Statements through the Accessories

Precious as a Gem

Expressing Beauty

Fine jewellery is regarded meaningfully by  a general construe of culture. The cultural significance determine one’s personality through the kind of jewellery one wears. Nevertheless, the common or universal implication jewellery is wealth, abundance and sophisticton. Way back during the earliest rise of the ancient civiliations, jewellery and treasures symbolize wealth and power.

More so, jewels empower their wearers one way or another. Since time immemorial, only the richest of the rich individuals can buy jewels and precious metals. Without a mistake and by historical record, the ancient Egyptian pharaohs are all covered in precious stones even upon burial. As we all know, the pharaoh holds the highest position in the hierarchy of power in nation.

Tracing the Beauty

While the ancient ones buy the best jewellery for expensive rates, mass production of jewellery nowadays allows people of all levels to own jewellery at every sense. Meaning, prices have not range to be that expensive as expected. Even the ordinariest ones can own a jewel or two.The main motivator for this is the social trend.

At all times, to be specific, everyone wants to have what the other one is having. Now speaking mainly about jewellery and other precious stones as symbols of wealth limits the general cultural reality that surrounds the very essence of jewellery. It seems everyone is buying jewellery now as some sort of  a necessity in expressing one’s self and donning a fashion statement. Thus, it may not be that practical to buy jewels nowadays, but it is still necessary to own one. That would definitely complete us as a person.